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Buon Natale


This is how we say Merry Christmas in Italian.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fellow authors, family, friends, and readers.

What a year I've had. Apart from selling books and writing novels, I also started a new job in October. It has been a great experience as I am writing even more in this position than I did in my previous one. As the Brand & Communications Specialist for D4C, a company that partners with Sydney Water, I am busier than ever. D4C design, construct, maintain and recruit for Sydney Water, so my role is interesting.

I sold books on two dates at a market in Burwood, the Woodstock Artisans Market. This popular market works well for anyone who produces artisan goods and we authors do well there too.

Our books are for sale at Woodstock Artisans Market.

Keep an eye out for dates in 2023.

I also managed to take over a podcast hosted by Hayley Walsh (@taylesbyhayles on Twitter) along with Sandy Barker (@sandybarker on Twitter). We had a great time chatting about our books, our writing process, and why we write the genres we do. Sandy, by the way, has fabulous romance novels and Hayley writes humourous stories of older people, I recommend both authors if you enjoy lighthearted fiction with a few laughs.

Listen to our takeover of Hayley's podcast here -

Thanks to all of you who follow me on socials, buy and read my books and come to have a chat with me at events. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a bright and vibrant 2023.

Happy reading

Maria P Frino

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