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My Debut Novel is Here - The Decision They Made

Updated: May 29, 2020

As a writer of many years, I started in the Sales and PR department at a local TV station in Wollongong, I am now a published author. For a writer, this is the ultimate goal. Well, for me it has been a long time coming, mainly because I shelved a story I wrote that helped me through a tough time in my life.

This story has been with me for 25 years (see I told you it was a long time). The first draft took me a year to write, then I shelved it. We moved house and the manuscript stayed in a box until I came across it during a tidy up. After a few more re-drafts (well, quite a few actually) I'm thrilled to present it to you.

The Decision They Made is a historical, family saga set in Italy, Russia and Australia. Although it's a fictional story, my Italian heritage meant I heard stories from my grandparents and their friends about their younger years. Stories of growing up during WWII; how people survived with little food, lost their homes, loved ones and after the war, found themselves with no future. This is when many migrated to countries such as Australia, where work was plentiful and they were welcomed. This novel is a work of fiction with elements of these stories woven into the narrative.

With revenge, lies and dark themes of dysfunctional love, Amelia and Simona Lillostra's secret, kept for 40 years, is in danger of being discovered. When Larissa, a TV journalist meets a gorgeous Russian photo-journalist, Alexey, at an awards night she doesn't expect to fall for him. How is their relationship going to work when he lives in Russia, a communist country? And how does their budding relationship affect Amelia and Simona? Set in 1980, when Larissa and Alexey meet, there are flashbacks to 1940s Naples, where Amelia and Simona grew up. How do their lives intertwine and why is the secret so damning for the four of them?

Want to read more? Click on the photo to buy your copy and feel free to leave your comments once you've read it. Also, leave a review on the Amazon Kindle site and watch out for more news about this title in 2020.

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