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What has Affected your Writing since #Coronavirus Started?

Working from home is normal for writers as well as many other creative professionals. For me, I spend five days writing in my home office. Not much has changed due to the #pandemic because I still write at home.

The usual spot I write at is a small corner desk in my home. It's upstairs and quiet. This has not changed since the #coronavirus started, my work routine has not been disrupted. Without the busy social life of pre-corona, I have been spending more time in this cosy little spot. Needless to say, I have completed the writing of more manuscripts in #lockdown than I would normally have done. This is a bonus of having to #workfromhome.

This advantage has meant I am near completion of the novel-length sci-fi sequel to Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years. This book, Xenure Station: The Revenge, is going to be combined with book 1, ie; both stories will be contained in one edition. The third book, yes this is a trilogy, will be published next year.

What has changed however is how I interact with fellow colleagues. Yes, we use Zoom and other video platforms to keep in touch, but as this situation seems to be with us for some time, many people want the interaction of others face to face. This has happened with my writer's group, we need to see each other again so the creativity flows. Unfortunately, the lovely club we usually meet at is still closed, so our meetings have been relegated to video.

Then we decided to meet up in each others' homes, just to spice things up a little. With only 4 to 6 of us at any one time, we are not breaking any rules by meeting up in a colleague's home. I have to admit unless I absolutely have to, I much prefer face to face meetings to video conferencing. This is echoed by my writing friends too. Obviously we miss our club, which is on the water, hence the name Write on Water, but until it reopens and we can safely meet there again, our homes will have to suffice.

The impact of #corona has slowed the sales of my books; caused the cancellation of my book launch in April this year as well as my trip to a book fair in Italy in August, and the disruption to my writing group meetings. All in all, as long as I have my health, the impact on my life has been minimal. I hope this is the same for you. So, how has the #coronavirus affected your life?

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