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The Decision They Made

Debut novel

A family saga set during WWII and the 1980s. Two sisters, Amelia and Simona Lillostra, share a secret. One so distressing to them it is never to be revealed. What they didn't count on is a young Russian man entering their lives, a man related to Amelia's Russian lover from WWII.

Larissa Mina is a journalist working in television and has her life turned upside down when a family secret is uncovered. She finds out something that has her asking who she really is and has consequences for everyone in her family.

When TV anchor, Larissa Mina meets Alexey Dubrovsky at an awards night, neither has any idea there is a secret in both their pasts. What is this dark family secret and why were two loving sisters torn apart?

La Decisione

Italian translation of Debut novel

Due sorelle, Amelia e Simona Lillostra, condividono un segreto. Un segreto così inquietante che non dovrebbe mai essere rivelato. Quello che le due sorelle non avevo preso in considerazione era l’ingresso di un altro uomo nella loro vita, un uomo imparentato con Vladimir, l’amante Russo di Amelia durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale.

Quando la giornalista televisiva Larissa Mina incontra Alexey Dubrovsky ad una cerimonia di premiazione, nessuno di loro immagina quale segreto si celi nel loro passato. Qual è l’oscuro segreto di famiglia e come ha potuto separare due sorelle così unite?

Larissa ed Alexey involontariamente vengono a conoscenza del segreto. Separerà anche loro due? Questa è una storia di identità, di un amore familiare fuori dal comune e spiega perché mantenere un segreto faccia più bene che male.

Edward's Cat

Book One

A Magical Tale of Edward, his Twin and a Cat

Edward has a twin sister, or rather had until cancer took Milly away from them. Edward lives with his mother, Vanessa. His father was also taken by cancer when he and Milly were young. 

Milly had a magical power, she was able to shapeshift into a cat. This power was inherited by Edward, although he isn't able to control when he transforms, Milly didn't concede all her powers to her twin. However, Edward finds a way to use his power as Milly the Cat to help kids at his school who are being bullied, which includes him.

During Year 6, Edward is terrorised by Chase and his cronies, but thankfully they don't follow him to his new high school. But this isn't the end of being bullied, Buster and his gang are waiting for the geeks who arrive at Redman High in Year 7. 

This magical realism story is for young adult readers from thirteen years of age up to adults who enjoy stories that involve magic. It is a coming-of-age story that shows how grief can be debilitating but with time, life can return as does happiness. Edward uses his power for good making good friends along the way while becoming the person he wants to be.

Edward's Cat2 front cover_24.10.23.jpg

Edward's Cat

Book Two

The Rise of the Kittens. And a Dog.

Logan, Edward's son he has with his magical wife, Sally, is also bullied at school. Being able to transform into a Maine Coon cat helps Logan to fight the bullies. Along with his almost cousin, Chloe, who transforms into a Ragdoll cat and Jack, his friend who transforms into a Jack Russell dog, Logan has help in his quest to rid schools of bullies. Along with his group of geeks, he continues the good work his father did where all schools now have a 'no tolerance' rule to bullying.

With enough to worry about at school, Logan also worries about his father being bullied at the A-Alliance, the secret magical society where his family are members. A tear-away group wants Edward ousted from the society because he wasn't born a magical, Edward inherited his sister Milly's magic when she passed away. This is something Logan doesn't want to happen because he can't imagine attending the A-Alliance without his father.

Read how Logan negotiates primary and secondary school with bullies taunting him and his friends. The geek group is determined to rid their school of bullying, but it's not easy and they rely on the two cats and a dog to help them out.

This magical realism story is for young adult readers from ten years of age up to adults who enjoy stories that involve magic. The first book is Edward's coming-of-age story showing how grief can be debilitating but with time, life can return to some semblance of normal. Edward used his magical power for good, making good friends along the way while becoming the person he wants to be.

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Edward's Cat

Book Three

Three Cats, a Magical Legacy. And a Dog.

The Edward’s Cat Trilogy continues with this third book where the bullies ramp up their vendetta against the geeks. Donovan and Parker wreak more havoc after they join a gang of petty thieves and older career criminals giving them the confidence to keep bullying. Edward and Noel, Logan’s and Jack’s fathers come to the rescue when the bullying becomes too much.

In this, the final book of the Edward’s Cat trilogy, the bullies, Donovan and Parker join a gang and wreak more havoc, even though they were warned by Edward putting a paralysing spell on them showing their awful future if they kept on this path.

Logan and Jack, along Chloe and their other geek friends, fend off these bullies as best they can, they want to rid their school of bullies. 

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Xenure Station Trilogy

Science Fantasy

Three books in one. 

Xenure Station Trilogy, a sci-fi space drama where The Enforcers and The High Priest Enforcer are taken on by two power couples who free humans from the grip of this dystopian society.

Book 1 - Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years. Dawa and Zenac

want to escape from The Enforcers. They have three hundred

followers who want to do the same. Why do they need to do this and

who are The Enforcers?

Book 2 - Xenure Station: The Revenge. Leyna was Thadd's

girlfriend before she went to Xenure Station. She and Thadd worked

out a plan to overthrow his tyrannical father, the High Priest Enforcer.

Leyna is caught by Xenure Station's security forces after Thadd dies, so

she vows to keep going with their plan.

Book 3 - Xenure Station: The Return. Dawa and Zenac join forces with Leyna and Eween. The High Priest, now known as Dilvant, resides in Crete. Will he remain quiet or is there trouble ahead for all of them?


The Studio

Crime Short Story

A crime short story about how stories can become legends over time. Like Chinese whispers, the truth is stretched until no one knows the real story. It is also a story about being different and friendships, how someone who is socially challenged can manage these.
An innocent man is accused of a crime he didn't commit, nor how or why he is even accused. People don’t understand him because he’s different, they place guilt before they even know the full story. Raymond is accused of a crime, but his friend Emily knows there is no way he would commit any crime, let alone this one. Read why Emily has so much faith in her friend and why Raymond can't defend himself without her.

The Shop on the Princes Highway_square_edited.jpg

The Shop on the Princes Highway

Young Adult short story

This short story is about growing up in Australia as children of migrant parents. The responsibilities these children had to deal with were more than those of Anglo-born kids.
Gina and Albert are siblings. They help out in their parent’s shop, D & G Deli, on the Princes Highway in Unanderra, a suburb in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast. The shop is open seven days a week, but both want to play Saturday sports. How can they do this when their parents need help in their small business? This brother and sister are typical of children and teenagers in Australia who worked in their parent’s businesses during the 1950s and ‘60s. They dreamt of being the same as all the other Australian-born kids. Going to the beach or movies on weekends and playing Saturday sports. All they want is to fit into the Australian lifestyle.

Read how Gina and Albert navigate their Italian and Australian ways of life.

Two Men in a Shed cover_square 2.jpg

Two Men in a Shed

Adults contemporary fiction -  relationship drama

A contemporary fiction novel about male friendships and the friendship of two men who love the same woman, Faith. Edward, Faith's current husband, does not know that Dave was married to Faith for a short time. Dave is also having an affair with his ex-wife. Will this secret hurt their friendship?


Dave and Edward are two lonely men who find a connection neither expected. When they meet at the local Killcare Men's Shed, they form an unlikely friendship.


Dave was married to Edward's wife, Faith, for a short time. He does his best to keep the secret away from Edward. As his friendship with Edward grows, Dave carries his guilt as a shield by not allowing anyone to become too close to him. Dave is devastated when Edward finds out about his previous marriage and wants nothing to do with him. But what Dave isn't telling Edward is that Faith was part of Dave's life longer than Edward knows. This is a secret Dave doesn't want anyone to know.


Set against the backdrop of Killcare, a sleepy, seaside town, Dave navigates his way from there to Northern Queensland and England. His return to Killcare sees him make good friends, find his DIY talents, and miss Faith more than ever. Recommended for 18+ readers.

Xenure Station 1.png

Xenure Station

A Billion Light Years.

Science Fantasy

Dawa and Zenac want to escape from The Enforcers. They have three hundred followers who want to do the same. Why do they need to do this and who are The Enforcers? This is Book One of a thrilling sci-fi story of a power couple wanting to keep humanity safe. Can they achieve this? See how Dawa and Zenac work together to save their twins after they are abducted by The Enforcers.
This is for readers of science fiction, science fantasy, space dramas/operas, and stories of heroes who do good for all, this short story will certainly keep you entertained. There is also space exploration and dystopian themes in this book. This story is suitable for young adult (YA) readers as well as adults.


Weaving Words

An anthology by Women About Women

Weaving Words is a collaboration of a group of women authors named 'Women About Women'. This anthology features: Sisters journey to a sunbleached rural prison; An incompetent thief and religious artwork; Science and ambition entwined with roses; The mystery surrounding a woman's rings; Psychological trauma and fortune tellers; Suspense on an archaeological dig; Childhood summers and friendship; A gifted woman and her flowers; Casseroles, tea and murder; Memories of fading love; a neurotic urban nomad; Tales of a sleepwalker. Weaving Words, stories woven with the fine threads of Women About Women.

Foreword by Cass Moriarty.

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