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Author Interview with Conchita GarSantiago

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

I'm pleased to present another author interview with Conchita GarSantiago, who is also a member of the writer's group I attend every month, Write on Water. She is a bi-lingual author, and her debut novel, A Cry for Home is available in English and Spanish. And clever Conchita translated the story herself. It is a historical fiction account of a family's struggle during the Spanish Civil War.

English - Buy link

Spanish - Buy link

Author Conchita GarSantiago, writer of historical fiction novel, A Cry for Home. A story set during the Spanish Civil War.
Author Conchita GarSantiago

Conchita was born, grew up, and studied in Spain, where she went to a tourism school and received a certificate in Public Relations. Then, she decided to go to London to learn English. Her knowledge of the British capital at that time was quite limited and the great cosmopolitan city daunted her by its magnitude and fascinated her with its variety of cultures. After some time she acquired a certificate in English at Cambridge University and another at the London Business School.

Then, she came to Australia, where she did several courses at TAFE and the WEA, and also created and participated in different writing groups. Her stories have been published on different websites, local magazines and she has contributed to two different anthologies with two stories in each of them. Conchita's greatest writing achievement so far has been her debut novel - A Cry for Home.

Front cover of a book by author Conchita GarSantiago titled A Cry for Home. Cover show a family running away from a bomb explosion during the Spanish Civil War.
A Cry for Home by Conchita GarSantiago. Historical Fiction

I asked Conchita a few questions about being an author -

Why do you write?

It started with a need to get out what I had in my mind, then it became a pleasant hobby until I started taking courses in writing. I realised then what a beautiful profession it is. I’m only sorry I didn’t start sooner.

Yes, I wish I had started sooner too.

What inspires you or where do your ideas come from?

Many things; past experiences, something I see, a thought that comes to mind, a dream...

Which authors have inspired your writing?

Agatha Christie, Mauve Binchy, Rosamunde Pillcher

Do you write or have written non-fiction?

I've written a few stories that aren't exactly memoirs but are inspired by personal experiences. Also, my book A Cry for Home, is inspired by my family and there are actual historical facts in the story that happened during the Spanish Civil War.

Your stories are inspired by real-life events that you incorporate into your fiction.

Where and how do you write and what surrounds you? (Home, café, with coffee, food, wine?)

I write at home at my desk that looks out the window.

That's lovely, having an outlook is inspiring.

How do you feel about the ‘write what you know’ mantra?

When writing fiction what you need is your imagination. The more your book is based on real facts, places, and people, the more you need to know those facts, those places, and those people.

I agree, even though you write fiction, fact-checking is necessary

Do you interact with other authors? How?

Yes. Writers groups. These groups are very important to me. I learn a lot from them, they help me to see my writing errors and they motivate me to keep writing.

So, what’s next for you and your writing?

When I wrote my debut novel I initially wanted to write an 'alternative history' story, mixing the Spanish Civil War with the Second World War. So, I'm writing that now. Also, I'm putting together all of my short stories so I'll have a 'solo' anthology.

Are you on any social media platforms?

You can follow me on these sites and my books are available on Amazon too.

What advice would you give a young or aspiring author?

Write what you feel comfortable with.

That's good advice. Conchita, thanks for your time, keep writing, and best wishes in selling books in future.

Are you an author and would like to be interviewed? Then send me an email at and I'll come back to you with questions.

Happy reading (and writing)

Maria P Frino


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