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Meeting Authors

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This blog is all about 'finding your tribe'. This is a term that is thrown around occasionally by spruikers of books and in some courses. It means finding the people, ie meeting authors that will help and support you through your writing journey.

Even though writing is a solitary job, many authors enjoy catching up with others. We love talking about books we are reading and swapping tips. There are a few ways to do this; most of the time, it is enjoyable and you might make long-term friends.

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Author Talks

This is a great way to meet your readers, and occasionally, fellow authors. This was the case at an author talk I did at my local library. Although a small event, the people who attended were interested in my books. They also enjoyed my talk about my writing process, how I go about self-publishing, and how I managed to translate my debut novel, The Decision They Made, into Italian. I met a fellow author who discussed his process of writing, which was different from mine. He planned his writing more than I do, I tend to start writing and only plan if I need to.

Book Launches

When I launched my debut novel along with a science fantasy short story, Xenure Station, at a local bookshop, I met people from all walks of life. You never know where your readers are going to come from and you might be surprised by who does read your books. I had a few discussions about what genres people like to read and they were as varied as the people I spoke to.

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Joining a Writer's Group helped my writing and meeting authors.

Writer's Groups

This is one of the best ways to meet fellow writers as well as improve your writing skills. I went to two writing groups before I settled on the one I'm with, Write on Water. I've been a member of this group for years now with an average of six writers coming to each monthly meeting. We encourage each other, share writing tips, and learn more about the writing process than any of us would have on our own. I recommend any writer join a writing group, they are helpful and you will make long-lasting friendships.


The following information is not where you will meet other authors, although it is possible you will, it is some suggested resources that will help you as an author. I recommend you research writing and author associations joining the ones that suit you. I am a member of some of these associations and have found them beneficial in many ways.

Every state in Australia has writing associations and organisations you can join to receive benefits, enroll in courses, attend meetings in person or online, and find out industry information that is not available to others who are not members.

Here is a short list of associations you may want to become a member of, but a quick search online under 'writing associations' will give you more -

Copyright Agency - not-for-profit providing licensing solutions and copyright advice.

Writing NSW - courses, events, writing support (each state has its own).

Australian Society of Authors - professional association for Australian authors and illustrators.

Australian Writer's Centre - online writing courses.

Australian Writer's Guild - represents writers for stage, screen, radio, and online.

Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW - support and encouragement of Australian writers.

Australian Publishers Association - national body for the Australian Publishing Industry.

Office for the Arts - Australian Lending Rights Scheme (ELR/PLR) - this one is important as they distribute royalties to authors whose books are lent online.

There are many other ways to meet authors such as book fairs, online, social media, courses you attend, and author meetup groups. Don't feel you have to be solitary all the time, find your crew, meet other like-minded people, and enjoy the company of other authors.

Happy reading

Maria P Frino


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