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My Books are Being Noticed

Readers are enjoying my stories, and my books are being noticed. Especially Edward's Cat books 1, 2 & 3. They are now available as a #boxedset at a great price on Amazon too. Thanks to everyone who #reads my #books, you're the ones helping them to be noticed. I'm proud of all my books, check them out on my website and many other online booksites. They are also available at various libraries, ask the librarian for help if it's not on your local libraries' shelves.

My Books are Being Noticed. These are rankings of my books on, books by Maria P Frino available on my website - Edward's Cat Book Three #22 in Young Adult Fiction/Magical Realism. Weaving Words An Anthology #33 in Family & Relationships. Edward's Cat Book One reached No.1 in Children's Fiction in May 2024. Edward's Cat Book Two #3 in Young Adult Fiction.
My recent book rankings on

My Edward's Cat Trilogy Boxed Set is a HOT NEW RELEASE! And ranked No.6 for Children's Fiction on Top 10 on Amazon and the first book, Edward's Cat. A Magical Tale of Edward, his Twin and a Cat, reached No.1 for Children's Fiction in May 2024. This is a wonderful result for a self-published Australian author.

Edward's Cat Trilogy is popular in Children's Fiction on Amazon. Under this black text is three book covers with Hot New Releases in black text under. #6 Boxed Set Now Available on LHS in red text, Edward's Cat The Magical Trilogy is in the middle and Amazon link is on RHS. website link is at bottom right.
The Boxed Set is a Hot New Release!

As a self-published author, I am so pleased to see my books doing well, many of my other books have been in the Top 50 Best Sellers for some time now. It is thrilling to see readers enjoying my stories, especially as I write in a few genres - Women's Fiction, Science Fantasy and Young Adult.

The Edward's Cat Trilogy is suitable for readers 13+ although some of my adult readers have sent me emails and texts commenting how much they enjoyed the books, "They're not just for children," was one comment.

My next book will be a Women’s Contemporary Fiction story coming out late in 2024 - Fame and Other Disasters. Will you be on #teammolly or #teamemma? Find out why two successful television hosts have a huge fight over social media.

Fame and Other Disasters by Maria P Frino front cover. Title is in red text, FAME is in caps and bold. Author's name is at bottom in gold text. Image is of grey/black granite background with the Hollywood Star in browns, golds and creams with cracks going through it.
Fame and Other Disasters by Maria P Frino. Publishing in late 2024.

Thank you to all my readers, I am happy you enjoy reading my stories. If you do like my books, please add a review to Goodreads, Amazon, or send me your thoughts by emailing -

Happy reading,

Maria P Frino

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