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My Latest Novel is Published - Two Men in a Shed

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The excitement I feel as I write this can't be explained. I have written and published another novel, this time it's a contemporary fiction drama with adult themes. My latest novel is titled Two Men in a Shed and is about friendships between men who are older and alone.

Two Men in a Shed by Maria P Frino, a novel. Book cover shows beach scene with a men's shed superimposed at the bottom. Title is in yellow text, author name is in white.

Two Men in a Shed is the story of two men who meet at the local Killcare Men's Shed. They strike up a friendship but one of them, Dave, holds a secret he doesn't want his new friend, Edward, to find out about.

Both Dave and Edward were married to Faith. Actually, Edward is still married to her at the beginning of this story and has a child, Zoe. Dave is living in England but finds himself back in his hometown to attend Faith's funeral. What is the secret he wants hidden from Edward?

Dave carries his guilt as a shield by not allowing anyone to become too close to him. He is devastated when Edward finds out about his marriage to Faith and wants nothing to do with him. But what Dave isn't telling Edward is that Faith was part of Dave's life longer than Edward knows.

Set against the backdrop of Killcare, a sleepy, seaside town, Dave navigates his way from there to Northern Queensland and England. His return to Killcare sees him make good friends, find his DIY talents and miss Faith more than ever.

A coffee cup with black coffee with words, images and graphics around it. It is shot from the top so you can see the coffee in the cup. Graphics are about success, concept and book sales.

My readers and people who know me as a writer ask me what inspires my writing. Well, anything and everything. With this novel, I was inspired by two inventors, elderly gentlemen who had worked together for over fifty years. I admired not only their work ethic but also their friendship and admiration for each other. The two male characters in my novel, Dave and Edward, are loosely based on these two men. And why did I set the story in Killcare? I know the area well because I stay there every year with a group of friends. We spend a few days lolling about, going to Putty Beach, and relax in the seaside vibe of the area. The cafe I describe in my story is real, I have changed the name slightly.

If you enjoy stories of friendship, love, and loss as well as strong relationships, then buy a copy of Two Men in a Shed. Then, if you like it, let me know. I enjoy receiving reviews and feedback from readers because it all helps to make me a better author.

Available from Thursday 1 July 2021 at Barnes & Noble (and many other good book sites) -

Happy reading,

Maria P Frino

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