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Selling Books at Markets

Updated: May 13, 2023 another way to sell self-published books.

As a self-published author, there are limited places I am able to sell my print books. Two of my books - The Decision They Made and the Italian translation - La Decisione Presa are sold at two bookshops in Sydney - Better Read Than Dead in Newtown and Abbeys Language Bookshop in Sydney's CBD (behind the QVB). All my books are available online as e-books and print through various bookstores, my website can take you to those sites -

I have found that a successful method of selling is hiring a table at markets and selling books at markets. One market that fellow authors and I like is at Woodstock House in Burwood NSW - The Woodstock Artisan Market. This market is usually on a Sunday from 10am to 3pm. The next one is on Sunday, November 6 2022 and we'll also be at the December 4 one. This is a good place to find something different as gifts for your family and friends. And books make great Christmas gifts!

Authors enjoy meeting their readers and we have had fabulous discussions with people who come to browse our books. At the last market held in August, we all sold books and made a profit. Covering the cost of hiring the table is a great feeling, but the best is talking to the people who are browsing all the artisan goods. Many are surprised to find we are the authors and our books are new, there are no second-hand books in sight.

A group of four authors, Jim Lemon, Maria P Frino, Conchita GarSantiago and Adelaide Hunter at The Woodstock Artisan Market, Burwood NSW. They are holding one of their books and there is a table in front of them with all their fiction books that are on sale. All books are available online.
Fellow authors and I selling books at The Woodstock Artisan Market, Burwood NSW

Book sale, a table showing fiction books for sale at the Woodstock Artisan Markets, Burwood NSW. All books are available online. They are by authors, Jim Lemon, Maria P Frino, Conchita GarSantiago and Adelaide Hunter.

I also sold books at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in April 2022. It was not as successful as the Woodstock market, but it gave me an insight into how best to sell my books.

Maria P Frino, Author. I'm holding Xenure Station Trilogy with some red bookmarks in front of it. I exhibited at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in April 2022. All of my books are available online.
I sold books at the Sydney Easter Show in April 2022. Not as successful as I would have liked but it was a good learning experience.

Writing is a passion and any writer will tell you that writing the book is the easy part, finding readers is another thing altogether. I appreciate anyone who reads my stories and especially if they leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads or let me know via email -

I also have my books in some local cafes where there is a Local Author box. While you're in the cafe you can read a copy and if you enjoy it, there is a QR code to scan and it directs you to a site to buy. You can also send me an email message and buy direct from me.

Supporting indie or self-published authors like me helps Australian authors to keep writing and honing their craft. Buying local authors' books means the money you spend is helping Australian authors and our economy.

All you self-published authors out there, let me know how you market and sell your books.

Happy Reading,

Maria P Frino

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2 comentários

Maria P Frino
Maria P Frino
24 de set. de 2022

Hi Conchita,

Thanks so much for your comment. I cannot imagine a world without books and, like you, I hope we never have to live in a world like that. I'm glad you enjoyed my books too.

Happy reading,

Maria P Frino


Conchita Garsantiago
Conchita Garsantiago
24 de set. de 2022

I read "The Decision they Made" and "Two Men in a Shed" and enjoyed the reading very much. They are very engaging stories and they keep you wanting to read until the end. Reading has always been fun and educating, much more than all the electronics we have today. Let's push those electronics away from time to time and take a book to read, because, can you imagine a world where nobody reads? Sad just to think about it, isn't? Let's all make our bit, so this world will never happen. Buy a book today and read it.

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