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Debut Novel

Two sisters, Amelia and Simona Lillostra, share a secret. One so distressing to them it is never to be revealed. What they didn’t count on is a young Russian man entering their lives, a man related to Amelia’s Russian lover from WWII.
When TV anchor, Larissa Mina meets Alexey Dubrovsky at an awards night, neither has any idea there is a secret in both their pasts. What is this dark family secret and why were two loving sisters torn apart?

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A Billion Light Years

Dawa and Zenac want to escape from The Enforcers. They have three hundred followers who want to do the same. Why do they need to do this and who are The Enforcers? This is a thrilling sci-fi short story of a power couple wanting to keep humanity safe. Can they achieve this? If you enjoy science fiction, science fantasy and stories of heroes who do good for all, this short story will certainly keep you entertained.



A Crime Short Story

Raymond is accused of a crime he could never commit. To prove his innocence he will have to betray his friend. Does he understand the consequences of his actions?

The Shop on the Princes


Young Adult Short Story

Gina and Albert are siblings. They help out in their parent’s shop, D & G Deli, on the Princes Highway in Unanderra, a suburb in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast. The shop is open seven days a week, but both want to play Saturday sports. How could they do this when their parents needed help in their small businesses?

This brother and sister are typical of children and teenagers in Australia who worked in their parent’s businesses during the 1950s and ‘60s. They dreamt of being the same as all the Australian kids. Going to the beach or movies on weekends and playing Saturday sports. All they want is to fit into the Australian lifestyle.

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Adult Contemporary Fiction

A contemporary fiction novel about the friendship of two men and their love for the same woman. But Edward does not know that Dave was married to Faith for a short time. Will this secret hurt their friendship?


Dave and Edward are two lonely men who find a connection neither expected. When they meet at the local Killcare Men’s Shed, they form an unlikely friendship.

Set against the backdrop of Killcare, a sleepy, seaside town, Dave navigates his way from there to Northern Queensland and England. His return to Killcare sees him make good friends, find his DIY talents and miss Faith more than ever.

This book contains adult themes, drug use and coarse language. Recommended for 18+ readers.

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Science Fiction Drama

This trilogy came from a short story - Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years. It is the continuation of Dawa and Zenac's story and their struggles with the High Priest Enforcer and The Enforcers who follow him.
Xenure Station Trilogy, a sci-fi space drama where The Enforcers and The High Priest Enforcer are taken on by two power couples who free humans from the grip of this dystopian society.

Book 1 – Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years. Dawa and Zenac
want to escape from The Enforcers. They have three hundred
followers who want to do the same. Why do they need to do this and who are The Enforcers?

Book 2 – Xenure Station: The Revenge. Leyna was Thadd’s
girlfriend before she went to Xenure Station. She and Thadd worked out a plan to overthrow his tyrannical father, the High Priest Enforcer. Leyna is caught by Xenure Station’s security forces after Thadd dies, so she vows to keep going with their plan.

Book 3 – Xenure Station: The Return. Dawa and Zenac join forces with Leyna and Eween. The High Priest, now known as Dilvant, resides in Crete. Will he remain quiet or is there trouble ahead for all of them?






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Novels and Short Stories

Maria has made a career of using words to communicate. Working at a television station, her first paid job, nurtured Maria's love of words. A move to Sydney to study Communications gave her the opportunity to work with advertising & public relations agencies, corporate companies and newspapers. She has written PR, ads and newsletters for products from food to jewellery, fashion and interiors as well as garden and building products. Both for traditional print media and digital. When she is not writing website content or as a senior reviewer for Weekend Notes, she works on her short stories and novels. Maria writes fiction family sagas, science fiction and contemporary fiction.

Her debut novel, The Decision They Made, is a compelling family saga spanning three generations and three countries. Full of dark secrets, flawed love and a decision no one was supposed to discover. 


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