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Welcome to my BLOG. This is the place for my Stories... or as I like to call them... Narratives

Updated: May 29, 2020

I'm back. What is she talking about you ask? Well, I actually started blogging in the late-90s. Back then blogging wasn't well known, in fact, most people had no idea what I did for a job when I told them I wrote online. Blogging and online, these two words were only just becoming a thing, especially in Australia.

At the time I ran my own freelance consultancy, MPG Communications, and writing for the site Hubpages became a sideline of my job. It was something I enjoyed that was fun and had no deadlines. Believe me, when you work for multiple clients, you have to work to multiple deadlines. There were times when my calendar was full of projects to be submitted to a client; or two, or three and sometimes, four! This was all being juggled with an executive husband who travelled regularly for work, bringing up two kids and our gorgeous puppy, Sassie (who still sits with me when I'm writing).

During this time Google was still in its infancy. I know it's hard to imagine it today, but this behemoth of a company started small just like any other business. So, the focus for Hubpages writers was to earn as much 'Google love' as possible. It was all about being on the first page of this search engine and this is when SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, became a huge deal for content writers on the Internet. After writing on Hubpages for a few months, I became one of the top writers by reaching 100. This was the score everyone on the site wanted to achieve. I also won my first award for my writing on Hubpages. It was all very rewarding. This was the beginning of my career as a Content Writer for websites.

As much as I enjoy my job, I still like to write for my own pleasure. Stories, or narratives as I like to call them, pop into my head constantly. They are a part of me, I'm not able to shut them off. And this is where I am now, with a published novel and two short stories under my belt, another novel on its way and blogging about all things writing, reading and book related.

You can view and read my articles on the review site - WeekendNotes if you wish.

I hope you enjoy my narratives as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

(Oh, and please note that I no longer write for HubPages because writing my first novel, 'The Decision They Made' and some short stories has taken up all my free time.)

MPG Narratives on Hubpages
When I started writing online Google was only new too.

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