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Books Make Great Gifts.

'tis the season to be reading. Holly in green and red next to this heading. Red border with gold stars at top LHC and bottom RHC. Insid the border are 4 books by Maria P Frino. Two of the Edward's Cat trilogy and two of The Decision They Made, one is the Italian version, La Decisione Presa. Tag line is Books Make Great Gifts.

Another year has flown by and with 2024 around the corner who knows what is ahead for all of us? For me, well, 2024 will bring in two more books, Book Three of the Edward's Cat trilogy and a contemporary Women's Fiction novel, Fame and Other Disasters. Two more stories to add to my growing collection of self-published books.

I enjoy writing and I keep publishing books because I'm a born storyteller. I love everything to do with #reading, #writing, and #publishing. When a reader sends me an email or message or reviews one of my books, it's such a thrill. To know my stories resonate with readers is simply wonderful, a great feeling.

And books make great gifts too. Especially for someone who has everything. A book can take you to a magical place, help you relax, teach you something, and best of all, entertain you. What else can you do to be entertained for days, weeks, or even months for under $30? So, go ahead and buy a book or two for Christmas (or birthday or any other occasion) for the reader in your life.

Sydney Authors Inked logo. Black background with Sydney Authors in upper case bold white type, inked in red lower case text bordered with white. the 'i' is slanted towards the 'n' in the word inked.
Free talks about books, reading and writing at The Little Big House, Summer Hill.

Being an author has brought me many gifts like meeting fellow authors, meeting my readers at various events, and forming associations and collaborations with other authors. One of these is Sydney Authors Inked, a group I am a founding member of. We do free talks about writing, books, reading, and publishing at The Little Big House, Summer Hill, Sydney. Keep an eye out on my website and socials for dates when these talks are scheduled. We have many exciting topics and interviews to bring you in 2024.

The other thing I'm enjoying is selling my books at local markets around Sydney with fellow authors. Anna Ceguerra is the organiser of these stalls and we join her at various markets when we can. We enjoy talking to people who come up and browse our books and signing them when they buy the books. If you're a Sydney author and would like to join us contact Anna via email -

A market stall with two authors, Maria P Frino and Anna Ceguerra standing behind the table with books on top of it. A banner reads A Whim Away - Local Author. There is also a poster for Sydney Authors Inked in front of the table.
Market stall at Stanmore Community Markets with fellow author, Anna Ceguerra. Look out for us and other authors we know at local Sydney markets on Saturdays and some Sundays.

So, here's to 2024 being a bumper year for all of us, I wish you all a happy festive season, stay safe and I'll be back in February with more news, stories, and books to write and talk about.

Happy Reading

Maria P Frino

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